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The future is in solar power. Electricity prices are rising and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are cheaper than ever. It’s no wonder millions of Australian homes and businesses are switching to rooftop solar panels.

You need a professional to design and install grid-connected PV systems. ProElect has registered and accredited installers in Melbourne so you have peace of mind that the job meets current standards and is backed by the Clean Energy Council of Australia. 

Types of Solar Systems

On-Grid Solar Systems
With an on-grid solar system, you receive the best of both worlds: solar-powered electricity, as well as supply from the grid as backup.
When there’s sunlight, your electricity meter won’t budge. But when there’s little sunlight, your power remains uninterrupted as it feeds off the grid instead. 
An inverter feeds any excess solar power your panels generate back into the main supply, so as long as your home uses solar-generated energy, you won’t be charged. 

Off-Grid Solar Systems
Best for those who have limited access to the main supply, an off-grid solar system is a stand-alone system with a battery bank. 
As with the on-grid system, your solar panels will power your home whenever there is adequate sunlight. Excess power is sent to charge the batteries at the same time. 

But unlike the on-grid system, an off-grid system draws power from the charged batteries when there is little sunlight or when it is night time. 

Custom Designed Systems
The nature of rooftop solar panels means they need to be tailored to meet the needs and demands of your home. Our team can discuss your personalised requirements to help you get the most savings.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process:

  • Step 1: Our accredited installation team will arrive on site to inspect your property. Based on your home’s needs and demands, we will discuss the best solar panel arrangement for your needs.
  • Step 2: ProElect will provide an on-the-spot quote for our recommendations.
  • Step 3: If you accept the quote, we will arrange the installation of your solar panels at a convenient time of your choosing.

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