Domestic New & Volume Builds

ProElect caters for small, individual domestic builds as well as grand-scale volume builders. We have the right personnel and the right equipment to be able to deliver on the needs of different clients.

Why Use ProElect for Electrical Installations in New & Volume Builds?

  • ProElect adheres to AS/NZS 3000:2018 in all its installations.
  • All ProElect installations come with a Certificate of Electrical Safety and are lodged with ESV, meaning the electrical system in your brand new home is covered by your home insurance.
  • We document all our installations in a database for future reference. 

The Process for Electrical Installations in New Builds:

  • Step 1: Our team will visit the builder or homeowner on site to discuss the job.
  • Step 2: Depending on the type of build, our electricians will advise you on the best solutions to meet your needs, optimise your investment, and most importantly, ensure the safety of any occupants.
  • Step 3: We will deliver a scope of work and a quote based on this assessment.
  • Step 4: On acceptance of the quote, we’ll talk with you about any other trades starting works and book in an appropriate time to work on the installations. We pride ourselves on our ability to work alongside other trades, ensuring there are no deadline delays.
  • Step 5: Even for full electrical installations, we keep complete records and plans in our database to have a history of your installation for future services and requirements. 

ProElect’s  12-month guarantee covers all installations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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