ProElect is committed to providing a full suite of maintenance services. Our expert electricians are on hand to help with all types of electrical maintenance, including scheduled maintenance, domestic maintenance, and real estate maintenance.

We specialise in providing electrical maintenance solutions to the real estate industry. We understand that a happy tenant equals a happy landlord. And that, in turn, makes a successful property portfolio. 

We maintain a thorough job management system, which provides individual job cards we send for every bit of work. These cards include the time and date of the job, the time on site, and signatures from the tenant and the technician. 
You’ll also receive before and after photos on request, so you can rest easy that the job has been completed, in most cases saving you the hassle of a site inspection. 

Our technicians are also experts at maintaining commercial and industrial jobs. With scheduled maintenance, we can have someone on-site at allocated times and days to minimise any disruption to the work day.

Why Use ProElect for Your Electrical Maintenance?

  • Every work we carry out is in accordance with AS/NZS 3000:2018.
  • All ProElect job cards are recorded and kept on file for future reference.
  • All ProElect maintenance jobs are provided with a Certificate of Electrical Safety and are lodged with ESV. This means your maintenance work is covered by your home insurance.

The Electrical Maintenance Process:

  • Step 1: Our team will arrive on-site to discuss the job with you in person.
  • Step 2: This team will provide you a scope of work and a quote based on our on-site meeting.
  • Step 3: Together, we’ll organise a time to have the job completed. One of our technicians will arrive on-site to complete the scope of work.
  • Step 4: At the end of the job, our technician will request a signature from the customer to confirm the job was completed satisfactorily.
  • Step 5: We keep full records of all job cards in our database so we have a history of your installation for future servicing and requirements.

All upgrades and replacements are covered by ProElect’s 12-month guarantee.

Pick ProElect for Your Melbourne Electrical Maintenance 

Frequently Asked Questions

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