Switchboard upgrade

Our expert electricians can upgrade all types of switchboard systems, including ceramic fuse switchboards, circuit breakers, and external & internal switchboards.

Every Melbourne home should be fitted with current standard safety switches. These switches aren’t just integral to the performance of your fuse box. They are also essential to guarantee the safety of your home and your family. 

With something as important as this, you want someone who knows what they're doing. The experienced ProElect team will arrive on site to replace your existing switchboard with minimal disruption. 

Why Upgrade with ProElect?

  • ProElect only installs approved safety switches. Every installation is in accordance with AS/NZS 3000:2018.
  • All ProElect switchboard upgrades are inspected and approved by a Licenced Electrical Inspector.
  • All ProElect switchboard upgrades come with a Certificate of Electrical Safety and are lodged with ESV, providing you with peace of mind that your installation is covered by your home insurance.

The Switchboard Upgrade Process:

  • Step 1: Our team will arrive on site to inspect the existing switchboard. Based on its age, condition, and the type of fuses within the switchboard, we will discuss with you the best switchboard solution for your needs. 
  • Step 2: Our team will provide an on-the-spot quote to remove the existing switchboard and install a new one as per their recommendations. 
  • Step 3: If you accept the quote, our team will remove the existing switchboard and install the new one at a convenient time of your choosing.
  • Step 4: We record the switchboard upgrade in our database so we have a history of your installation for future servicing and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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